My huge passion: Brian May

These are all the drawing that I made thinking of him!

For me is a great inspiration and I have discovered him as

a great friend, so sometimes I want to underline this aspect 



I have two different way to draw him:


  •  Traditional Style

 I mean that I use the typical way to copy photos and to give a natural effect; I'm based on Caravaggio's way to draw, but sometimes it works- ahahah.

I use the light and the dark to underline the figures, but my way to express myself are the colors and their shades.

I usually use pencils and pastells (stabilo or faber castell, it depends of what I want to draw); rarely I use temperas or watercolors, but I want to try to use them, I'm a completely disaster for the moment- ahahah!


  • Cartoon Style

This is a funny way to draw, well for me! 

I simply make a synthesis of photo and color them with markers (promarker or copic ciao) and ink them the outlines.

I was inspirated by Jenn Waitt drawings, she has given to me 

the right way to start, so thank you so much Jenn! 

Traditional Style

Cartoon Style

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