Mercury Phoenix Trust Experience 2014

***Chiara Tomaini Designs New T-shirt for The MPT -

Second FFAD inspired 'Ready Freddie' design now available to buy!***


“Fundraising for the Mercury Phoenix Trust last year has really changed me! It was a fantastic experience:

I was in contact with different people that shared with me different stories and opinions about joining forces against AIDS. When I took a break from this challenge I felt so nostalgic…but while I was reading Twitter 1 month ago, I was so impressed how so many people celebrated Freddie in different ways, and I thought I had to be part of it once again with a new drawing for a new t.shirt. Besides the new t-shirt available now there is still a chance to order the old one I created last year,

I thought it'd be nice to bring it back and let people order it again, because during the break I received many requests about it! I hope I will be able to raise enough money for the The Mercury Phoenix Trust once again and to do better than last year.”

Chiara Tomaini

October 2014

For any order, send an email to with sizes and type of t-shirts (man/woman).

The cost is 15 euros each t-shirt plus shipping costs

If you are interested, please add on the mail:

  1. -sizes
  2. -print ( 1946-1991 / Ready Freddie) to distinguish the t-shirts
  3. - type (man/woman)
  4. -payment method (I accept pay pall and bank transfer)
  5. -country



                 LARGE            LONG

S                 50cm         |          69cm

M                53cm          |           72cm

L                56cm          |          74cm

XL              59cm          |          76cm

XXL          62cm          |          78cm


                 LARGE            LONG

S                 40,5cm         |          57,7cm

M                43cm             |           59cm 

L                46,5cm          |          60,5cm 

XL              50cm             |          62cm 

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Mercury Phoenix Trust Experience 2013/2014

Personally, I can say that this is one of the experiences that has changed something inside: donate is something that makes you in peace with yourself; thinking that you do this for someone that is passing an hard time and you could give a hope to him or priceless.

In all my life, this is the first time that I do this initiative and I'm thinking to do other things for the next year, I have so many ideas in my mind!

I really hope that other people will follow the idea to donate or do something for a charity, I think that we must become, step by step, more altruist with the others...even if is hard...but sincerely these are good steps to make the world better. I really would like to thank all the people that have decided to buy one of these t-shirt that I have created, means a lot for me, really! I want to thanks my friends, you know who you are, that every day and night have supported me, sharing around internet the link about the t - shirt, and I would like to thanks my parents, that in the hard moments they were close to me to support and help me, without them I could probably do very few or nothing!



"My soul is painted like the wings of a butterflies"

Freddie and his music with Queen have helped me so much in my life,

so I decided to make this tribute to him with this drawing.”

“I'm not too good in expressing with words or to wearing a Freddie costume as some people do, so the only way to express myself and to help the MPT are through my drawings and drawing what I love.”

“The inspiration of this drawing was this phrase: "my soul is painting like the wings of a butterfly"; I have seen in Freddie as different colors, like his personalities when he sang at his concerts, so I have decided to capture him in different periods: the 70s to the 90s, and to put all the pictures together in a colorful way, as I have thought he was”. “I'm doing this initiative because AIDS is a terrible disease and people that are affected need to be helped and need to know that they aren't alone in this world."

Chiara Tomaini

October 2013

People around the world

and I would like to express my gratitude sharing some of the beautiful pics that i have received from the people that have bought the t-shirt.


(For everyone that would love to send the pic, contact me at