30 December 2013

Fake news, be careful

I believe more what is written on the soapbox, than on other articles that pretend to exasperate the situation...the source is always the most correct!

Hold on Bri!




25 December 2013

"Give someone a christmas they'll never forget"

Wish to you all a fab Christmas guys, enjoy it with your family!

Drawing Inspired by John Lewis Christmas Advert 2013 - The Bear & The Hare:




And on stereo version of course, try to cross your eyes! 

23 December 2013

Freddie Mercury t-shirt: fundraising for the Mercury Phoenix Trust

A big thank you to all the people that have helped me to fundraise money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust!

Bless ya all!

Chiara xxx

(there are only names and countries here, nothing more, I respect privacy)

9 November 2013

Good news finally from me, I'm fundraising money for Mercury Phoenix Trust, in few words: I created this t-shirt to remember the 22nd anniversary of Freddie Mercury loss.

I'm authorized to sell them and a part of the profit will go to the Mercury Phoenix Trust charity. If you'd like to order, please send an email to drawnbyyou@hotmail.it with sizes and type of t-shirts (man/woman). The cost will be 15 euros each, plus shipping costs

6 October 2013

My drawing will be on the next badger marches

Yes, this is a fantastic thing that has happened in these days! 

Dominic Dyer has contacted me if he could use it for the posters that will be showed on the next badger marches.

I'm so thrilled and feeling a bit useful, really! Is a new sensation for me!

I really wish these kind of experiences to all of you! 

I must thanks Dominic for this great opportunity! 




the original drawing


the poster

I really would like to participate, but is impossible...I have some problems to resolve here. Hope that some of my UK pals will be there! 




19 September 2013

Stereoscopes: drawings edition

Yes, I'm thrilled to say that I'm fixing some drawings in a 3D way, I'm totally in love with stereoscope world that I would like to make some on my own, or "hand made".

This is an example, but you can find more here on my site at this link



Hope you will find them interesting and that you will able to enjoy them! 

If there are things to fix, please don't hesitate to contact me at my email



Thank you!





13 September 2013

Finally end it!

Yes, I have finnally ended this drawing!

I have spent about 3 years to end it, with some moments of doubts about it...

I wasn't so convinced to finish it...but at the end I have tried.

I have some that I have never finished, cause sometimes I found them so horrible! 

I think that there will not arrive a day that I will be satisfied about my work!


Hope you like it guys! 




brian may 1992 - 2013 Chiara Tomaini
brian may 1992 - 2013 Chiara Tomaini

6 September 2013

300s Signs, power to the people!

So so happy to annunce that Brian's petition has reached 300s signatures! 

Now I would really see what will happen, cause the Gov must considered also people voices! Tomorrow the petition will end, let's wait and see what will happen! 





300s - Chiara Tomaini 2013
300s - Chiara Tomaini 2013

5 September 2013

Happy Birthday Freddie

Happy Birthday Freddie - Chiara Tomaini 2013
Happy Birthday Freddie - Chiara Tomaini 2013

2 August 2013

Thank you all for your birthday wishes

Thank you all for your fabulous wishes, I didn't expect them so many today, thank you so much really, sometimes I think to don't deserve so much love and support from all of you!



19 July 2013

Born Free and Happy Birthday Brian!

I'm still excited and my head still remind the Born Free concert! 

How amazing was and how cute were Kerry and Brian at the gig! 

Was my first time that I have seen them in concert and, WOOW, I really hope to see them again here in Italy! 


Today is also a special day for our dear pal Brian May!! 






Wish to you all the best, cause you are unique in this world!

You are such an amazing, caring father, brother and friend! 

We really love you so much and you maybe will not realize how many people you have helped! 


Bless you Doc!





Brian May_Born Free Tour milan 2013 - Chiara Tomaini
My last drawing, I'm sure that now is in safe hands! - Chiara Tomaini 2013

and I want to keep a magical moment in this drawing

14 july 2013

Brian May birthday present, do you want to participate?

My friend Marie is going to make a video full of messages for Brian May's birthday, she is spreading the event trought facebook here:




I have thought to spread the event also here on this site, unfortunately I'm  having busy days and I'm not so good to make events like these ones.






Busy days, so sorry guys

ah yes, so sorry guys in these lasts months I had to do with some projects and exams! I can say that one of them was chosen for my city and I'm still working for his pubblication...soon I will leave some details about that!


My exams were gone well, even if I had some troubles I can say...

I have passed my second year of my graphic course and now I should be ready for the work world...hoping to find the right road for my future, is like to swim in an infinite ocean!


And soon I will be, for the first time, at one of the Born Free concert here in Italy! I'm thrilled and I'm counting my days!! I have already seen a poster meanwhile I was walking to go to my school, breathtaking is only a little word, ahaha!


Hope you all are fine and are spending amazing time wherever you are! 

I'm so much honored to see how many people like my page or take a look the site here! How many you are, really! I didn't expect this!


And yes, soon I will update some of my new drawings on it, I have some to finish, ahahah, hope you will like them!! 


Take care people of the Earth!!

Speak always for animals!




1 June 2013

Badger march

Was so great to see last day by some pics that thousand of people has partecipated at the badger march!Also some of my friends has partecipated and I want to post some pics about this event, with copyright of course.Unfortunately I wasn't so able to partecipated at it, I live so far from London and I had some tests to do for my last year at school, so I was able only to tweet some things about badgers. Maybe some people could say to me "you are an Italian, why does this matter to you?", well, I can only say that this cause is most important becasue badgers were wrongly accused to transmit a disease, when in every part of the earth they exist, also here where I live and we haven't these kind of problems! And science in these years are making progresses to help us and the world, to make beautiful ways to live, so way we need to kill creatures? Who are we to make all these plans for the nature?

We are only small drops in a ocean, or small grains of sand in the desert, even if we are famous or not...we need to make a stand and probably a correct way to live for us and for the others...I believe that our ego is the most dangerous thing in this world, and look what we sometimes hear on news...I'm ashamed sometimes to be an human.

And I would like to help badgers because I see how my friends care about them, and I hate to do nothing...I like help, I like to see them smile! 

That's all folks, hope you will like all the pics that I will post here!And remember to don't be ashamed to help someone, even if is your enemy or live in a different country! 






26 April 2013

Ready for the Born Free Tour?

I'm too excited that I will able to see my heroes in Italy for a date, I have imaginated them riding a lion, like "be free" as a prase that is in Born Free song.

Hope you will like it, I can't stop to laugh at it!






Born Free Tour - 2013 Chiara Tomaini

200k Signatures against the badger cull!

that's a very FABULOUS news!!! Great Team Badger, keep on fighting!! 


UK pals, don't forget to sign and share this petition! 






24 April 2013

Stop the fox cull in Italy

Yes, is so sad to hear this, also on Italy are going to start fox culls in different countries! Everything has started in Siena, but fortunately LAV, an association, and after differents discussions it has done that!

Fox cull is stopped! 

There are some problems with Ferrara, Ascoli Piceno and Cremona.

Luckily LAV is going to stop the fox cull also in Ferrara, meanwhile there are some countries "out of control"

I have created these two petitions, hoping that will make a stand...I know that I have no much voice to do that, but please people...help the foxes, spread around these two petitions, together we can make a difference! 

22 March 2013

I'm not so good to express my gratitude to him with words...this is what I can give, so few ...hope you like it




We believe - 2013 Chiara Tomaini
We believe - 2013 Chiara Tomaini

18 March 2013

Fox cull in Italy?

Yes, unfortunately a very bad news has hurted my heart...can't believe that on the 1st April will happen a thing like that. 

Reading an article, explains that this decision is defined as "control activities": a wild animal hunting (not programmed according to a calendar that was decided for hunting season) caused by the risk of overpopulation, damages to the agriculture or livestock, or  a social risk, a bit like what is going on in England for deers.
Only this time the mayor of Siena decided to hunt the fox in a quite brutal way:  send the dogs to find the foxes dens to devour the whole family, and who of them will escape from dogs, will be killed with a gun by the hunters.


Please everyone, sign this petition to stop this horrible initiative! 







Thank you





14 February 2013

Happy St Valentine's day!

5 February 2013

Hungarian Rhapsody = woow!

I have saw it for the second time!

Hungarian Rhapsody at the cinema was so incredibly amazing!!

Wooow, watching my heroes in big dimensions had underlined their greatness!! But...sadly...had made me thought that unfortunately we will never have in the future a great band like Queen....is like that rock music is gonna to be eat by easy music...how sad...Freddie we will never replaced, is a fact, as Roger, Brian and John..GOD SAVE THE QUEEN for real!




1 February 2013

A petition for all!! - Save The Badgers-

This has surprised me, when on twitter - seeing at AnneSaveMe account, I have realized that NOW there is a petition also for who don't live in UK! 

I'm so happy!! 

So now guys is our turn to help these little creatures!! 

How? Is so simple!! 


Go to http://www.save-me.org.uk
and at the left corner of the site, you will see this:

HELP THE BADGERS and help me to share this petition around internet!! 

Thank you so much guys!! 





31 January 2013

Good news - Animal testing banned in EU!

This is a very fantastic news that I have read on twitter!! 

Finally animals will not be used for tests

WHOOP WHOOP - jumping for the joy!!


For more info read here


30 January 2013


I'm so happy to announce and to pubblish this drawing, a great collaboration with a very lovely friend and a very talented artist: Anne Ricarda Gosmann.


You can find her art book on deviant art site: 




Born Free 2013 - Chiara Tomaini & Anne R. Gosmann

"When a great passion connects different people, from different countries we can share inspiration and create something based on love". 


I really hope to see a Born Free Europe tour this year!

I miss so much Brian and Kerry!




27 January 2013

Badgers need help

This is what I have read last night on twitter from our lovely Doc

So please English friends, help the badgers: sign and share to other people.

And about my no English friends, please share it around to your English friends.

I was thinking about to use the full power of the social networks, how? 

Maybe is a silly thing, but could work in that way:

A photo of yourself, the "STOP THE BADGER CULL" pic.


I know, is not more...but for the moment I think that we must shout at the world what we really think!! 


Cheers guys take care everyone! 





1 January 2013

Happy New Year to everyone!

Happy New Year folks!! Thank you for all you lovely wishes! 
Sorry if I can't reply, I'm ill in the bed with fever and flu...sob! 

Is not so smart this drawing...I hope that you will like it! 
Sorry if I was late! 

Wish to you all a year full of love, happiness and dreams, may them

become true! ;)


Much love




Happy New Year - Chiara Tomaini 2013
Happy New Year - Chiara Tomaini 2013

25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Have a lovely Christmas day to each one of you,

spend it in totally love and happiness!!! 

Much love to you all and thank you for all your lovely comments

that I have received!! 
I'm so flattered!!! 



Merry Christmas 2012 - Chiara Tomaini
Merry Christmas 2012 - Chiara Tomaini