16 October 2015

‪One Night in Hell‬ will be made into a major feature film.                   In development for release in 2019!!

That's a splendid news for the stereo world, and I really want to see how will be the come out! 

If you want to know more about this, there is an article dedicated here! 


and if you haven't, on instagram, if you are there of course, go and follow LSC (london stereoscopic society) here https://instagram.com/londonstereoscopiccompany/ - have fun with some cool 3D pictures!! 

27 October 2014

British Library Talk

Brian May, Paula Fleming and Denis Pellerin have made a talk at the British Library this 26 of October! 

I bet that was exciting and unfortunately I hadn't the opportunity to be there, but a close friend of mine has sent to me some pics that I will post here. Wish to assist to one of these presentation one day!

Enjoy guys! 



The Mercury Phoenix Trust t-shirts came at home yesterday! I can't hide how happy I am!! Now I must ship them! 

Guys if you are still interested in the t-shirts, contact me directly at drawnbyyou@hotmail.it



16 October 2014


As Freddie For A Day has shared on his official Facebook page,

the t-shirts HAVE CAME BACK!


Write to drawnbyyou@hotmail.it to order one adding these details:

- home address

- sizes

- pieces

- type (1946-1991 or Ready Freddie!)

I will give by email all the infos that you need!

Let's support the Mercury Phoenix Trust !




A little collage to thank who has sent the pic of the t-shirt through mail or Facebook/Twitter.

Who has bought the t.shirt and want to send a pic, you need only to send an email to drawnbyyou@hotmail.it

or send it to Drawn By You Facebook page by private message.

Who is only interested to buy the t.shirt, write an email to the mail address that I written above.

14 October 2014

Red special book!

Have you visited the new and beautiful Red Special web site? You can order also the book here http://www.theredspecial.com/

Paul Harmer Photography Ltd

10 October 2014

Watching and learning Disney tips and admiring your passion doing fab stuffs: that's the mix

A stereo pic to celebrate the new book 📚 "the poor man's picture gallery"

hope you'll like it



29 September 2014

Queen+Adam Lambert European Tour!

So excited to have announced the dates of Queen+Adam Lambert tour!

I hope to be able to assist to one of their concert, never been to one of them!




  • Tuesday 13 January NEWCASTLE Arena

  • Wednesday 14 January GLASGOW Hydro

  • Saturday 17 January LONDON O2 Arena

  • Friday 18 January LONDON O2 Arena

  • Tuesday 20 January LEEDS Arena

  • Wednesday 21 January MANCHESTER Arena

  • Friday 23 January BIRMINGHAM NIA

  • Saturday 24 January NOTTINGHAM Arena

  • Monday 26 January PARIS Zenith

  • Thursday 29 January COLOGNE Lanxess Arena

  • Friday 30 January AMSTERDAM Ziggo Dome

  • Sunday 1 February VIENNA Stadhalle

  • Monday 2 February MUNICH Olympiahalle

  • Wednesday 4 February BERLIN O2

  • Thursday 5 February HAMBURG O2

  • Saturday 7 February FRANKFURT Festhalle

  • Sunday 8 February BRUSSELS Palais 12

  • Tuesday 10 February MILAN Forum

  • Friday 13 February STUTTGART Schleyerhalle

  • Sunday 15 February HERNING Jyske Bank Boxen

  • Tuesday 17 February PRAGUE O2

  • Thursday 19 February ZURICH Hallenstadion

16 September 2014

Some Things That Glitter May Be Gold

We called this collaboration "Some things that glitter may be gold":

what glitters is our love for our passions, I really admire Brian and Anne really admire Kerry, so...we made this collaboration that is like gold for me, is something unique!

We shared opinions, different styles, different way to draw, different colors, like the ones that we used to realize this portrait!That's gold for me!

Anne, many thanks for this fantastic adventure!

Can't wait to do it all again!



And a stereo version as well!

(Parallel view)

9 September 2014

I would only to be close to the ones that in UK are fighting to protect badgers in the setts...

I know that I will be criticized about what I did, like: "italians should not put the noses in other affairs", but I'm sorry...

I'm not selfish and I want to be close to my pals in UK. I can't be indifferent...that's not me.

So be in peace with yourself!

Is a cruel pic, I know...but I think that is what is really happening now...I hope that this useless plan about culling badgers will be abandoned forever!



5 September 2014

Ready Freddie!

As we are near to Freddie's birthday and I'm seeing of fantastic things about the Hard Rock Cafes all over the world, I thought to do....something in my style (if i can call it in that way!).

As I'm not so photogenic to do pics about me with a Freddie costume and I'm not really able to create one, I thought to do this little thing.

I really love using Illustrator, especially this style, cause you don't really know what will come out at the end of a drawing. Not so sure if people will comprehend this pic, I will try to describe it!

The violet is to celebrate the Live At The Rainbow, that some of you have seen at some Hard Rock Cafes, right?

So that's why also the choice to put a strange world map on the back with the violet spot.

Than the other colors is to celebrate Mercury Phoenix Trust logo and to celebrate the fantastic work that is doing to raise awareness for AIDS.

Than the choice to put Freddie in that way is personally, I love so much this costume! 

Well...I really hope that you all will enjoy it



29 August 2014

I'm slightly going back to my drawing passion.

After a long break and holiday, I probably find my way to draw again.

Yesterday I was in chat with a fantastic pal and artist and this involved me to draw again something nice.

While I was chatting with her, I thought to draw a grizzly bear with her cub; I was really touched also by the story of the italian bear Daniza. In few words in Italy this mama bear has attacked a mushrooms hunters only because she thought that he was going to hurt her cubs...unfortunately Italy (that is also my country) want to capture and kill her....

I found this so wrong! I think that everyone has the instinct to protect who we love.

Another thing, if Daniza will die, who will care about her cubs? No one I suppose...

I really hope that Italy will rethink about what they are going to do...

Opsie, hoping to haven't annoyed you all, a haha, when I start to write I always exaggerate, haha!

However guys, watch this space, soon there will be new things and yes...new drawings on the way! I got a big drawing challenge! Let's wait and see what will happen, ehehe!

And...many thanks for your likes, comments, messages and support! Means so much for me!

Much love



2 August 2014

Many thanks everyone for your lovely birthday messages, pics and mails!

Never thought to receive so much love from you all!

Bless you all!!



24 July 2014

Must share this!

Everyone knows the lovely Shirley Higton , do you remember the song "Badger Boys"?

In these days she realized a very nice song dedicated to Brian May which you are able to download it and if you are able also to make a donation to BACVI (badger vaccination).

This is the link to her song:


If someone is interested to give something for BACVI this is the link http://www.bacvi.co.uk/sponsor_badger_vaccination.html

if you have problems to download the song, contact her directly by pm message on FB, ok?



artwork by ©Shirley Higton
artwork by ©Shirley Higton

21 July 2014

A special pal forwarded this to me,

this was a tribute to Dr May on an Italian local newspaper and she used one of my drawings for the article!

I was really so surprised to receive this by mail! Woow!

Thought to share with you all cause i was really impressed by the words that she used to describe Brian...

I found them really touching and magnificent at the same time! If someone wants to read it, this is the current translation in english of the article:


Brian Harold May was born in Twickenham, London, on 19th July 1947. His name is most usually related to Queen,

the famous British rock band that, from 1971 until present, climbed all the world charts, selling million of records,

playing in front of huge crowds and conquering many generations.

However Brian May, guitarist and founder of the legendary band, as well as author of the major hits of the band together with the unforgettable Freddie Mercury, isn't only a world famous musician,he's much more than that.

It Would be too easy and a bit unfair to label him as a "rockstar". And today on his 67 birthday it'd be more than correct to celebrate Brian May in all his multiple aspects. He is without any doubt a "star", much loved and idolized in each latitude of the planet, but he is also and, above all, a bright star full of humanity and simplicity shining through in a special and multidimensional vault. There are indeed many areas where Brian stood out and achieved much over the years.

Brian May is actually author, writer, scientist, professor, astrophysicist, University Chancellor, a great expert in stereoscopy, the photography in 3D and, last but not least, he is a passionate animal rights defender. He has an impressive culture and top academic curriculum; he has a degree in physics and a Phd in astrophysics, the latter was achieved back in 2007, despite his multiple commitments and his brilliant musical career, Brian kept his dream alvie and he was determined to pursue his post-graduates leading his to this prestigious Phd in the subject which had passionately loved since he was a kid. It really seems as if Dr May, just like a real scientist, is living in infinite parallel universes. He always manages to accomplish all his works and deed, and he does everything so well with total dedication, precision and accuracy.

"I'm just a normal guy doing his best" usually says Brian when someone asks him what his secret is. Having known him for over 20 years I can assure that Brian is really this kind of person, a most caring guy, competent and deeply focused on his work who does everything with enthusiasm and righteousness always so naturally, as if it's perfectly normal for him to deal with so many different subjects at the same time and take on loads of exciting challenges. This is no false modesty, he is faithful to himself and to his ideals and he doesn't hesitate to get back into the game to carry on his projects and his battles, whatever they are: musical, personal, professional or humanitarian. Vegetarian, caring about the environment, lover of nature, animal activist, over the last few years Brian spent much of his time trying to defend animal rights.

In 2010 he founded the "Save Me" association, inspired by the famous Queen song he wrote, to help and protect the British wild life and he stood up against David Cameron when his government wanted to bring back fox hunting in the UK. At the same time he committed himself to the campaign against the badgers cull, which were erroneously considered responsible by the English lobbies tied to government to for the bovine TBC. By providing scientific data from researchers and experts, he managed to show that badgers aren't directly responsible for this disease and that, despite all the claims made by some farmers, these harmless creature cannot be blamed for this. In his effort to save the animals he has given a voice to "the ones that can't talk", as the motto of the association says. The battle in defense of the animal rights is long and difficult, nevertheless Brian keeps moving forward, true to himself and to his morals. His dedication and his perseverance led him to be acknowledged a prestigious award: last 11th June he received the "Observer Ethical Award Campaigner 2014" for his commitment and protection for the animal kingdom. For a person used to be awarded various prizes and acknowledgements (Brian was also invited by Queen Elizabeth to play on Buckingham Palace's roof for her Jubilee in 2002, he's by far the only musician who got access to the palace's roof and could play to a large audience worldwide) this could be seen just as another additional award. However this shows that Dr May's work is precious, much appreciated, and in particular, it's helpful to those creatures that really need help. It should actually be remembered that Brian is not just supporting all these initiatives and battles, he's involved in first person in the charities and associations and, in particular, he is most active at Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, a shelter and rescue centre for wild animals, situated in the beautiful countryside of his Surrey, where he lives, an enchanting place and surrounded by nature, quite similar to some extent to the Valbormida views we see here. And actually when he was sent some shots of our landscapes and he was told that you can see some lovely fawns, foxes, badgers and hedgehogs in our woods and and enjoy nature, in every season, sometimes still wild and pristine as well as splendid starry skies, he said it would be great to visit these places one day. Never say never. In Dr May's multiple universe anything can happen. Meanwhile we wish you a very happy birthday dear Brian and we'll be eagerly waiting for your next deed, whatever it is.

As you taught to us, "the show must go on”.

Corriere Valbormida - "Retrovisore" - July 2014
Corriere Valbormida - "Retrovisore" - July 2014

This is the original drawing that has been used on the article



19 July 2014

So today is the birthday of one of the amazing human being that i have ever seen an met in this earth!

I know, I'm not so able to describe his humanity, kindness, humility and other fantastic qualities that he has, all positive for me, by my drawings, but what really matters is the thought, right? So I really hope that I will not hurt his personalty with this little drawing about him, is nothing special but I was very amused to do it, is something different! I want to think that Brian is celebrating his birthday with Adam and Roger with this huge cake in the USA with different things that he loves and that has inspired him to be the man that we all know!

Well, I want to wish and I think from all of us, a very Happy Birthday to our legendary star Brian May and wish to him all the best for him!

Thanks to be such a fantastic man, to have inspired lots of us of the new and old generation! I will never be tired to say that follow you was one the best thing and choices that I did in all my life!

God bless you Brian to be such beautiful person, me and all of your fans love you so much!



Parallel version - Happy Birthday Brian! ©Chiara Tomaini
Parallel version - Happy Birthday Brian! ©Chiara Tomaini

18 July 2014

I received a very fantastic thing today,

me and Igifts71 have raised money to support Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue and also BACVI (for who doesn't know what is go to www.bacvi.co.uk), badger vaccination program!

For me is the second time that i work for a charity, the first one was the Mercury Phoenix Trust, and I can say that I really like to do it!

It's a joy for the heart and for the spirit!

We started this initiative this May and I hope that will continue this collaboration!

Makes me feel so useful!

So guys, if you want to help us to raise money for badger vaccination program or for Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, you can buy a gadget made with one of my drawings

here http://igifts71.co.uk/index.php?route=common%2Fhome

or simply go directly here







20 June 2014

First impressions of Queen and Adam Lambert concert:

ok guys,

I read around not so nice comments about Queen and the choice to let Adam sings some Freddie songs, but is visible that he doesn't want to replace him!

I think that Adam is inspired by Freddie and he is trying to give to him an honest homage, nothing more!

After all there are many people in this world that want to sing Freddie songs, for example the tribute bands, right?

I see this as an homage, really that's my honest impression.

And talking about the decision of Roger and Brian to be Queen and making concerts...I think that if you decide to make music, you can't stop to play and create it, and so I think that Brian and Roger are thinking about that too; artists are usually in that way: you born with something connected to art?

You will never stop to produce something connected with it, that's simple! ...maybe this concert will be the last forever, who will know?

So let's enjoy it with smiles and emotions. After all I think that also Freddie will smile and will be very honored to hear his music in these years!

Watching Queen pics, read about the set list and find songs that has been played 40 years ago....this will make you think! I'm not here to make my thought been accepted by all of you, I'm sure that there will be some people that will say "sorry but I disagree with you", that's fine! Everyone is different and has is different opinions! I would only to share my honest ones! However, God Save The Queen!

Let's look forward for the other concerts!




Pic kindly given by ©Jaime Ortiz Mangado

19 June 2014

Kerry Ellis Album

Happy to read that Kerry Ellis project is running! 134% and growing, yay!

You If you go at this site http://t.co/n0HOQFbdd6 you will be able to order lots of fantastic things related to Kerry Ellis career!

I love her, her voice is really something extraordinarly, and as a person is so sweet! I think that she deserves some advertising also here, even if I'm nothing that a normal drawer! ahah

Sincerely I can't wait to hear the new songs, I think that will be something exciting!



Original link here: http://t.co/n0HOQFbdd6

18 June 2014

Brian The Teddy Bear!

I can't hide that I would love to meet this bear one day again! ahahaha

This bear has a precisely mission, raising funds for Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue traveling around UK!

In these days is in good company of Brian being in some places where Queen and Adam Lambert will make concerts!

In my opinion this is a very clever idea, raising funds, having fun (of course) and spread awareness too!

Wish that someday will come in Europe and maybe in Italy, I think that my cousins would love him!



If you are interested, make a jump on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/Brianthebearsaveme

and on twitter here: https://twitter.com/BriantheTeddy

Tristan Avakian album!

I think that this is worthy to share! I you can guys, help Tristan Avakian to fund his album, he is a very talented musician and he played in Queen Extravaganza and also on WWRY the musical!

If you can also share this around will be very helpful! Many thanks!



link to order Tristan's album here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/as-waters

17 June 2014


After 6 year, a Queen tour is going to start, so excited about!

Wish to Adam, Roger and Brian my best wishes! I was able to assist a little piece of the performance in LA in the morning, I wasn't feeling well, but was very worthy to watch it!

I'm totally disarmed about Love Kills song, I love it and I think that Adam Lambert has sang it perfectly!

A great homage for our Freddie! Seems also that this song will be included in the album...let's wait and see, I'm so curious about this concert, but I really hope that they will have a time also to rest, that's what really means for me (I don't hide that I'm worried, all the concerts have few days to rest!)

Soon the concert will start!!

First place: CHICAGO!

Let's keep on eye for more details!



12 June 2014

Congratulation Brian!!!

So happy and proud of him, he deserves it for the hard work that he is doing with animals, especially for badgers!

Very well deserved! I really hope that this will be an inspiration for thousands of people!

He is really more than a rock star and he does these things only with his heart. I will never be tired to say how I'm proud to follow him and to have him as my inspiration!



original link:

Observer Ethical Awards 2014 winners: Brian May


3 June 2014

Is lovely to receive some pics about something what you really care about! I'm really happy that these drawings will be very useful to raise money for Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue and for badger vaccination.

Pity that there are people that think to know me well and are saying around that I'm doing it only to be egocentric...sincerely I don't like this word and I don't like to be that!

So these voices are absolutely lies! I like to help people and what I really want to do is to be useful for something that I'm quiet good to do! I hope that I have explained my thought...



31 May 2014

Bye bye WWRY!

Thank you We Will Rock You, I will terribly miss you...

I went 3 times in London and I was never bored. Beautiful times!

This musical blessed also one of the most beautiful friendship that I could desire; since I have met my friend Raffaella, things became really adventurous and I'm so happy to have felt them!

Now let's wait the sequel and I really think that will be really something explosive! Let's wait, for the moment I'm so sad that this show will end...



30 May 2014

Ah yes, I was in a nostalgic mood yesterday, so I thought to draw inspiration again!

I can really say that Wildlife Rocks has totally changed me, how many fantastic friends I have met and how I terribly miss them! I can also add that I miss this man so much and Kerry too, I really hope to met them again in another time!

I hope that you will appreciate this thought...I know however that after this drawing there will be lots of people moaning about how I draw and other stuff....well, is very easy!

Remove me, no one is obliged to follow me, ok?

Thank you



29 May 2014

QUEEN forever

So excited about the new Queen album called "Queen Forever"!!

Can't wait to hear the songs and to have a look also at the design of the album! In all my life this thing related to Queen has never happened before, I haven't given the right weight to things when I was a teenager...

and I hadn't the internet connection too!

How time flies and how things has grown!



19 May 2014

Brian May animal charity plans to turn Exmoor shooting estate into nature reserve

Came back from Guildford and read this has totally made me disarmed!

What a fantastic man he is, he has a big golden heart! And I'm proud also of my friend Anne Brummer, together they made such an unstoppable duo. I really hope that they managed to do this very big step, after all also Paul McCartney did a thing like that, another artist that I really admire!



original link:

Brian May animal charity plans to turn Exmoor shooting estate into nature reserve http://www.westerndailypress.co.uk/Rock-star-s-charity-buy-estate/story-21110401-detail/story.html utm_content=buffer59ecb&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer#ixzz329OJukOs

11 May 2014

This is a little piece that I did inspiring in Alphonse Mucha work!

I have tried to reassume what Brian did and is doing for animals, in music and other things!

Was a very big project, but was very worthy to do it!!

Hope you will like it guys!




10 May 2014

Wildlife Rocks!!

Here I'm back again guys!

Sorry for my long absence but I have made a crazy thing, a haha! I was at Guildford, precisely at Wildlife Rocks!

Happy times! I have met such lovely and wonderful people! I totally admire them for the fantastic dedication that they give to animals and I really hope that lots of people will take them as example! Lovely music, fantastic speeches, lots of laughs and animals too!

A day that I will never forget, because I have left a piece of my heart in that place! I want to share to you all this nice pic that I did inside the cathedral, Brian and Kerry were utterly fantastic! I was also surprised to see my stuff at Igifts71 stall!! I seen that lots of my t-shirts were sold, so that's mean money for badger vaccination and also for Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue...that's fantastic! I'm so honored to have met in my life such amazing people!

Bless them!




1 May 2014

OFFICIAL! My stuff are now available!

Yes, you read it very well!!

Igifts71, a site managed by the fantastic pal Christine Ross, is selling stuff with my drawings on it! So you will be able to buy a mug, a t-shirt or other stuff with one of my drawings on it! Half of the sold will be going to the Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue and also for the badger vaccination program; I think that they need all the help to vaccinate badgers so I have requested this thing.

Hope that you will enjoy them!

Don't forget to visit the site here!!



19 April 2014

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter to all of you guys and to all your families!

Peace and love!



Happy Ester 2014 - Chiara Tomaini
Happy Ester 2014 - Chiara Tomaini

18 April 2014

Candlelight concert - live Montreux

Really, the dvd is truly amazing! I have enjoyed it so much!

I laughed, cried for the emotion, singed, everything!

Brian was in really good shape, when he did Last Horizon I had the shivers!

And Kerry, woow, so sweet with a contagious laugh!

Her voice is really something amazing, what a talented singer she is! Touching for me where the songs Love Of My Life, Life Is Real, nothing Really Has Changed and No One But You, seeing also the pics of Montreux made me very nostalgic! i haven't resisted to cried, really! Was a fantastic concert, reminded me so much the gig in Milan, sweet memories! If you have opportunity to buy the DVD, do it! You will not be deluded!



5 April 2014

Queen: The Studio Experience

I had made a crazy thing, I was in Montreux with two fabulous pals of mine, Miriam and Martina for one day.

We had a lot of fun there and for me was the very first time to come in that beautiful place by train!

Wasn't so stressful as i have imagined (luckily)!

Seeing the fantastic Freddie Mercury statue in front the breathtaking landscape of Montreux. I felt a lump in the throat, and also my pals have felt it too.

We made a step in the fantastic museum "The Queen Studio Experience", the one that have been opened in December! How many things there are inside! There is also a reproduction of the mixer where have been recorded the last tracks of Made In Heaven album: you can listen separate tracks on it, Mother Love and Made In Heaven, fantastic! Was so hard to leave that place, is really magnificent! You will not get bored, absolutely! ahaha I really had a fantastic time in Montreux, even for one day...very worthy!

Wish to you all to step there one day, if you haven't done yet!



10 February 2014

Tribute to Marius, the little giraffe

What happened in Denmark has totally make me sad, was all the day that I was thinking about this little giraffe, Marius, brutally killed without a reason... I think that most of you all have heard or read his story...has touched also me and i have decided to make a kind of tribute.

Hope you will like it guys



21 January 2014



As Freddie For A Day has shared yesterday on his official Facebook page,

the t-shirts HAVE CAME BACK!

Write to drawnbyyou@hotmail.it to order one adding these details:

- home address

- sizes

- pieces

I will give by mail all the infos that you need!

Let's support mercuryphoenixtrust.com !



Freddie and his music with Queen have helped me so much in my life,

so I decided to make this tribute to him with this drawing.”

“I'm not too good in expressing with words or to wearing a Freddie costume as some people do, so the only way to express myself and to help the MPT are through my drawings and drawing what I love.” “The inspiration of this drawing was this phrase: "my soul is painting like the wings of a butterfly"; I have seen in Freddie as different colors, like his personalities when he sang at his concerts, so I have decided to capture him in different periods: the 70s to the 90s, and to put all the pictures together in a colorful way, as I have thought he was”. “I'm doing this initiative because AIDS is a terrible disease and people that are affected need to be helped and need to know that they aren't alone in this world."

Chiara Tomaini

October 2013

and I would like to express my gratitude sharing some of the beautiful pics that i have received from the people that have bought the t-shirt.


(For everyone that would love to send the pic, contact me at drawnbyyou@hotmail.it)


People around the world

2 January 2014

Art Summary

1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy 2014 to all guys! I hope that you will like it, even is an old pic...next year I promise to do another new one! Unfortunately I have some problems to fix...but soon I will put some art trades and new stuff, ehehe hope to satisfied you all!