Stereoscope world

In this year I have appreciate another way to "see" the world with the photos, I mean the stereo world!

The first time I haven't understand them, but step by step, I have started to appreciate and, at the end, to love it!

I remember whe I was a child that my mother has bought some optical illusion books and I have really enjoyed to cross my eyes to understand the images on the books (I really hope that this haven't damaged my sight!).

I have read that you can cross the eyes to see the stereoscopes, but please, if you want to see them buy an OWL at the London Stereoscopic Company, so it will easy to all of you to see them!

This year I have recieved one from a special friend, is so cool!


Well, I'm not so good, because I'm a beginners, so please if someone is more practical than me, is free to comment here or to contact me personally!

I would like to learn more...even I think that this is all that I can do!

I hope that you will like them, thank you for your attention ant to have read all this long message!




Stereoscope world: drawings edition

Yes, sounds funny!

I'm trying to make some on my drawings in stereo, so maybe some people will enjoy them with the OWL. It will hard to fix all the prospectives, but I suppose that I will enjoy it so much, ehehe! 


Hope you will appreciate them, and if there are some things to fix, write to me so I will be sure to modify them.


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    Queen Fan Club Mexico (founded in 1992) (Thursday, 19 September 2013 02:16)

    Thank YOU very much indeed for sharing such wonderful shots and drawings! You do make our day. Congratulatioms for your magnificent sites and work, and for you are a very talented artist! All the best on your upcoming projects, adventures and experiences.
    Thank you too for supporting wildlife (Save Me & Badger Team). It's down to earth , spontaneous, creative , brilliant and positive people like you who do make a diffrenece in this world :-)
    Big hugs from Mexico,